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Sustainable Purchasing Policy implementation

In many European and large French companies the working language is English. Best Practices in Purchasing, Sustainable Development (SD) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) are established within multinational companies. Therefore we hold training courses in English and French depending on the participant's profile.

Legal compliance and CSR have become one of the top priorities for Global and Local companies. We assist professionals in CSR alignment to cost, quality, delivery and risk purchasing objectives.

Strategic challenges of Sustainable Development (SD) in industry and services relevant for Purchasing

  • Business, social and environmental stakes
  • Definitions : CSR, sustainable purchasing, Fair Trade, etc.
  • International and European agreements, initiatives and regulations : Global Compact, GRI, ILO, ROHS, W3E, REACH
  • International Standards : SA 8000, ISO 9001 - 14001 - 26000, EMAS, OHSAS
  • Benefits and risks
  • Stakeholders and expectations
  • SD rating agencies and supplier's relations
  • Social responsible investment (SRI)

Eco-products and SD for suppliers and subcontractors

  • Innovation, life cycle analysis (LCA) management and ecodesign
  • Ecolabels : International and European éco-labels, éco-labels by categories, Environmental Declaration of Products (EDP), environmental labeling
  • Shared and sector by sector initiatives

Workshops : Sustainable Purchasing tools

  • Operational sustainable Purchasing tools : buyers and suppliers guidelines, supplier clause, risk assessment, specifications, supplier's selection criteria, supplier audit, SD Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Environmental and social criteria for supplier self-assessment questionnaires (SQA)
  • Monitoring sustainable key performance indicators (KPI), additional costs and savings

Implementing SD tools and process roll-out

  • Change Management and sustainable Purchasing implementation
  • How and when to promote CSR within the company
  • Corrective action plans (CAP) action plans with suppliers
  • How to implement, setting up priorities


Tarifs forfaitaires et dégressifs tout compris :
1 360€ HT les deux jours + frais de restauration + un exemplaire offert du GPRL par participant
1 020€ HT (-25%) pour la 2ème inscription par entreprise
   820€ HT (-40%) pour la 3ème inscription par entreprise


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